Finding Our Voice


Do you think communication, is of extreme importance in your (daily) life?

The answer is definitely, I hope.

After attending ‘Finding Your Voice’ 2013 conference yesterday in conjunction with Speech Communication NZ, there was certainly a lot to provocation surrounding speech, in New Zealand.

Do you know people who have a speech impairment, talk to fast or not at all, need to articulate their words, or perhaps just use jargon and slang every minute?

Most of the facilitators and educators of SCA have great expertise and a depth of knowledge, however the change in society through social media platforms, has caused a stir.

Are organisations like this sustainable?

SCA (Speech Communication Association) are 61 years old and hope to be around for another 61. Change is paramount to attract new talent and keep this organisation breathing and most importantly, accessible to all practitioners in the communication realm, throughout New Zealand.

Pictured in this blog, is Jon Hunter, Head of Voice at Toi Whakaari.

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