LOVE Questionnaire #1

LOVE Questionaire #1 #projectsalt

charlatan clinic

1. What is LOVE (in your opinion)?
Honesty; attraction; laughter; giving; forgiveness; allowance; support; listening; talking; sharing; beauty; purpose of life.

2. Do you believe in love?

3. What are your dreams re above?
I have finally found my life partner who embodies all of the above qualities and allows me to impart those qualities to him. My dream is for us to continue to love one another for the rest of our lives.

4. Who was your (childhood) sweetheart?
Testing my memory!!! Probably Daniel in primary school (aged about 9 or 10).

5. When did you first feel butterflies in your tummy?
Probably the above…??

6. Were you ever besotted with anyone? Why and for how long?
Goodness, yes – several times. Why = hard to define, probably because I unrealistically put those people on a pedestal and also because I have had a tendency to live in…

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