Blogging: Is Content Important?

After attending the ‘NZ Bloggers Network’ event tonight – the question still remains – about what makes a blog appealing?
Is it the content, or the title? Probably both matter. Don’t you think? In the room, there was an equal mix of both men and women from NZ, UK, Canada, France, Malaysia, Australia and the Philippines. So (ultimately) there was a lot of dogma, in the air – about what works, and what doesn’t in the blogosphere.

Everyone (present) blogged about differing subjects – from social media to personal experiences, travel, project management, technology, marketing, fashion, theatre, film, food and craft.

So what makes or breaks content?

Blogs that are too wordy, or display poor grammar, with weak titles, and no images definitely works against you. Right? And (obviously) the opposite applies for a good blog post. However how much text, is too much? Also, how do you measure success blogging? Is it purely the stats? Or is it all about (good) storytelling?

What do you think?

NZ Bloggers Network

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