Social Media Club – Auckland


Even though, I only have limited knowledge about the (NZ) music industry, I was still fascinated to hear about how social media has influenced and revolutionised the ‘music’ world.

Have you heard of Spotify? The digital music service that can download your favourite songs within minutes, normally using Facebook to log in. Very cool.

The panel of speakers (Dean Campbell, Paul McLaney, Fiona Perry and Scott McLauchlan) for #smcakl: offered insightful and engaging information about digital files, monetization on making music and marketing on social media, while drinking ‘Bulmers’ cider.

David Bowie was mentioned, he released his new album in
April, “The Next Day” to the world after 10 years (silence), via Twitter. No other media, just social.

“Where Are We Now?” went viral.

Apparently, the Finn brothers (Neil + Tim) are the only New Zealand artists to make a decent living, from music. Hard graft, like any art.

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