Weird Is Good

When I was young, my best friend was a black dachshund. He was my confidante. I hugged him when I was sad, wrapped him in my doll’s blankets, told him who I loved and loathed, at the tender age of 6. He died when I turned 16. ‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower’ is a contemporary and touching film: story about a young man, who is rejected by his peers, because he’s a bookworm and highly intelligent. Rejected, spat at, bullied, harassed in all ways, until someone (actually) talks to him, because they like him. Finally – acceptance by some cool kids that call themselves ‘misfits’. All the emotions of love and loss follow – and visions that haunt him as a child, which stunt his self worth. His friends embrace his weirdness, aren’t we all a bit strange? I think so – we need to be, to live each day. Great film, no spoilers sorry. Wallflowers normally become butterflies, in my experience.

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