When You Were Young

Don’t you love going to children’s birthday party’s? All the screaming, excitement, sugar-induced play, presents and cake. The birthday cake is definitely a highlight – most of the time. The smell of ‘sweet and savoury’ air from all the sausage rolls, french fries, lollies, cheerios and flavoured drink. The birthday boy sits on a throne, whilst eating on a pedestal, and opening his presents. The King of the moment. Lego galore. Memorabilia to take home in loot bags – more treats. The party is lavish and special, he is starting school on Monday. A new chapter begins: touch-screen learning, feed and read, playtime and spelling tests. Without a doubt, the school years are memorable and life-changing. Enjoy.

What is your fondest memory from year 1? Playing kiss-and-catch? Attending swimming lessons? Reading books? Meeting new friends? Or, all the birthday party invitations? Wins by a (country) mile.

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