Forgotten Life

After watching ‘Dreams of a Life’, a documentary about a woman called Joyce Vincent, who died alone: her body lay undiscovered for 3 years, how shocking and extraordinary. How can anyone be forgotten? Apparently, Joyce lived everybody else’s life, except her own.

Fascinating. Sometimes I think it is easier to (maybe) become anonymous and adopt other friends and family. This happens when you are running from your past, (possibly) memories that you’d rather ignore or bury.

Joyce had friends, no family to talk about, some boyfriends – and a lot of sadness. I suppose we all choose to live the life we want, and she decided to fade away, in her thirties.

No one knows how or what happened to her – as her body, was no longer identifiable. Very sad. It makes me realise that sometimes we can forget to communicate with people, when we can (actually) make a difference.

I choose to be remembered.

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