The Meaning Of Friendship

Can you count your ‘real’ friends on one hand? If you can – you are lucky. What I mean by that, is you can call them in the middle of the night, when you are scared, tell them you are broke and down to your last $10 – so they buy you some groceries. These friends never judge you, first thing in the morning (hungover or without makeup), or when you are sick or broken, and best of all – they are just there. Sometimes, just a hug, is all you need. Or, to hear their voice. I can count my friends on one hand – one is located in Singapore, another in New York, another in Auckland. All the other people in my life, are just passing through. There is that cliched phrase, ‘You always meet someone for a reason, a season or a lifetime.’ I think that is true. Now with social media platforms, you can have a plethora of virtual friends, that you may never meet, or even speak to. Even, if you think you have 20 friends – do you care about them all in the same way, and tell them what (really) matters to you? Friendship requires truth and understanding. We all need friendship.

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