Living Alone is Becoming More Popular

When I was speaking to a friend last week, she said that, she much preferred to live on her own. So do many other people, all over the world, it seems. Society sometimes paints’ this picture, that the dream is to be married, have children, go to work, pay the mortgage and personally develop through these experiences, leaving you fulfilled. Really? Well I have encountered, the aforementioned ideals, and realised that I too, enjoy living alone. Is this due to being selfish? Or indulgent? Not wanting to share your space, bed, meals’ or shower, with your mate? Many of my friends and family live alone, due to preference, or broken relationships. According to ‘Euromonitor International’, 153 million people lived alone globally in 1996, and this increased to 277 million by 2011. That is 80% growth in 15 years, staggering result. Living as a singleton in Sweden, takes the cake at 47%, then Norway at 40% and the UK at 34%. Living alone has many advantages, of doing as you please, when you want, how you want. Also, you can be a singleton and still have a relationship (harmoniously), right? Living alone is on the rise, is this a good thing?

One comment

  1. gluecklichdownunder

    Wow, thanks for the numbers. I wondered about it. When I left Germany everyone seemed to live alone (including me) and here in Australia I don’t know many people that do, but I guess it does depend on the city. Thanks!

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