Harlem Shake (meme) anyone?

Harlem Shake : Top 10

YouTube and Google are experiencing the latest viral phenomenon, soon after PSY – Gangnam Style, that currently has seen 1.3 billion hits on YouTube. The (original) ‘Harlem Shake’ is hot right now, with over 30 million views. Brands on a global level, are getting on board including: Topshop, Pepsi, AOL, Red Bull, Facebook, McDonalds and Google to name a few, all clips available on YouTube. It all started when 5 teenagers from Queensland, Australia referred to as ‘The Sunny Coast Shake’ uploaded the ‘Harlem Shake’ song (not dance) with music by Baauer, on February 2, who also created the ‘meme’: an idea that spreads quickly. The ‘Harlem Shake’ is normally 30 seconds: the first 15 seconds are intro, possibly just one person dancing, then the last 15 seconds, have electronic bass. You then normally see (2-50+) people dancing in a frantic way, to end with a lion roar. Anything goes, people wear the minimum or full costume and masks are popular. Like it or loathe it: truly mesmerising.

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