Pheed me

The latest social media IPhone app on the block is Pheed. Have you uploaded yet? Well I have, it’s quite something how you can share photos, texts, videos, voice notes, audio and live broadcasts, a brilliant mash-up. Express yourself, in uber amounts. Pheed is now the top social app ranked in the Apple Store, according to Forbes. Roll over Instagram, that is now owned by Facebook. The popularity exceeded expectation when a teenager called Acacia Brinley tweeted ‘@Pheed sickest app’ which created the next best thing (hype) for teens, overnight. They all opened Pheed channels within record time. Now over 1 million users, in just a few months, insanely amazing. The other thing that is good to know, is all the content you create, is yours alone. Sold to the girl who likes to express herself.

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