Crowd funding

Crowd funding plan means little for banks

Have you thought about crowd funding for a project? I have had the experience of crowd funding for performance, last year. It was both exhilarating and stressful. Walking with pledges, then running at speed, when the hours are ticking down, to the anxiety-stricken end. Some people make their target, others can be disillusioned. You need to be fully engaged with marketing your project, on every possible social networking platform available, to maximise your visibility and hopefully, your credibility too. PledgeMe (NZ based) are extremely supportive and insightful about crowdfunding, definitely what you need, when posting your project. How do you get funded, anyway? Lots of hard graft, ask everyone you know, always be subtle. These crowdfunding sites are globally positioned including Kickstarter (USA), Sponsume (UK), Pozible (AUS), gofundme (USA), Razoo (USA), Rock The Post (USA)…I could go on. Oh, we made our target by the way, happy.

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