Do you feel the pressure to purchase presents, for all of your friends or family at Christmas time? If not a gift, at least a decent card, right? Some people ignore the occassion and go abroad, maybe a good solution, if you have the coin. We are ambushed with advertising on billboards, radio, TV, internet, all media portals. I have a fully lit (26 metre) Christmas tree on my door step, everyday after 830pm, so difficult to ignore the festivities. The malls are heaving with crowds of neurotic shoppers, looking for the perfect item or not? Gone are the days of handmade decorations and Christmas cards, due to lack of time or exhaustion, we buy it instead. At least the economy is gaining momentum, yes? The queues are still outside the Auckland City Mission for food parcels. I am not one of them, waiting, thankfully. Hope Santa spoils you.

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