PlaySix Festival opens tomorrow night, December 13! Exciting. All my actors have had a fair few dramas, in the last couple of days, including wisdom teeth pain, car accident, girlfriend issues, and one of them lost their ‘holy grail’ keys, and is still unable to locate them! However, all the work is done including costuming, rehearsals, line runs, blocking, tech and dress, and all looks superb. I was lucky enough to see another two short plays tonight from PlaySix, one about Julia Gillard (Australian Prime Minister) called ‘Timing’ and the other called ‘Confessions of a Bipolar Drag queen’ which are definitely worth a visit to Williamstown! The season normally sells out, which is fabulous:) My time on this project is nearly over, so I will now return to writing my next play, hopefully premiering in March 2013!

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