Sitting in the front row, is always where I like to be, at the theatre, fashion show, or in a workshop. Going to La Mama in Melbourne, to see ‘Death of a Comedian’ was no exception. The man beside me was a true thespian, attending at least 3 plays a week, impressive. This play was a glimpse of behind the scenes (the shenanigans) of funny people, also known as comedians, get up to before a show. This was an ambitious eight hander, new blood, established talent and already a broken man, who was ousted due to his alcohol habits, was trying to make a comeback. The celebrity of two decades in TV and standup, no longer. No more red carpet. Everyone was busy flexing their comedic muscle, while he struggled to justify why he was there. Gift of the gab saved him, demoted to plugs, realising he was sold out. Celebrity is fun and games, high profile to the masses and media daily. Some people chase it, others turn their heads. I suppose it can also happen, by accident. Like Andy Warhol said “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”. Really?

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