Sitting on the plane, a few hours ago, I had a choice of 25 films to watch. Most of them were mainstream, no arthouse. Oh, there was one Woody Allen film though. I decided to watch ‘Ruby Sparks’ which I thought had an interesting title and fascinating subject matter. It was all about a novelist who wrote about this (perfect) girl in his mind, called ‘Ruby’. She then materialised and walked into his life, no longer imagined. First of all, he thought it was a dream. She was real. They then began this magical relationship, until she started to become independent. He had stopped writing for a time, then was encouraged to continue writing about this manufactured character, by his brother. As he typed more manuscript, she changed, as the words controlled her. Imagine that? Creating something on paper, that becomes reality. He thought it was heaven, but was it really? Craving the ‘ideal’ girlfriend, writing about it, then becoming responsible for everything that follows. Manufactured love. The novelty wore off eventually, after the guilt. This definitely makes you think about love, and relationships. What do you think?

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