Work life imbalance

Statistically both New Zealand and Australian citizens work longer days, much more than the basic 40 hour week, than back in 1840, when New Zealand was the first country to claim the right to work eight hours a day. Fact. With flexitime and working remotely, life has changed so much, with the convenience of smartphones, tablets and social media, now accessible 24 hours a day. You could argue that work is life? How many of your friends are non-work related? Do you turn your phone off at the weekend, or is that a luxury? Average weekly wage in NZ is $806, youth rate is $10.80 per hour. How do you survive? Obviously you work longer hours, more than the UK (12%), US (11%), Denmark (3%) and so on. Remember to enjoy what you do, or work towards what makes you happy.
Or relocate? Laugh, smile and enjoy the sunshine, no cost to you!

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