Stranger danger

At school, we were taught that we should never speak to strangers, due the danger that could ensue. As adults it is healthy and encouraged, to speak to strangers, to learn and grow from the content of your conversation, with somebody unknown to you. So there is networking, where you speak to a controlled group of people, generally with name tags on. Or just talking to a randomn person on a plane, the street or in a queue. I definitely speak to strangers, it is great to gain another perspective, find out something that you didn’t know before that moment. Admittedly, I have also told strangers things, that I have not even discussed with my best friend. Why is that? Anonymity. A snapshot of time, that is exclusive. Also you will probably never see that person and/or stranger ever again. Chicken soup for the soul. Next time on the flight to LA, speak to the person in 14B, they might be your next employer!

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