Think Sir Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Sir Alan Sugar, Walt Disney, Bill Gates or Coco Chanel. Yep. Airlines to fragrance, we all need a bit of risk in our life, to be successful. After participating in a workshop today based on leadership, market scope and commercial model needed for business to hatch your idea/s into reality, the question of ‘pain point’ challenged me. So, every service or product you buy has a drawback, like peeling garlic, even though it tastes great and is good for you. Or maybe applying suntan lotion, that protects you from the UV rays, however it is difficult to remove from your hands after use? A lot to ponder on. I buy books, read them, store them in a drawer, then list unwanted items on TradeMe (Internet-auction website)! Are you tempted to register for ‘Dragons’ Den’, absolutely affirmative. Analysing your thought processes under a microscope, is an accelerated way to learn your strengths and weaknesses, for sure. Confrontation aplently. Who needs self help books? ‘The Apprentice’ anyone?

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