Hot topic, always. I was just reading The Age online about this very subject, the article “Misogyny war has no winner” reads, “JOHN Howard had his history and culture wars. Now Julia Gillard has the gender war. Or the ”misogyny wars” as the extraordinary, bitter, unedifying clash is being dubbed.
Although the fighting has been building, this week’s intensity was a shock. The government operates on the basis that Tony Abbott’s weak point is his ”woman problem”, which shows in polling. Many female voters find his style excessively aggressive and some of his attitudes (such as on abortion) unacceptable.” WOW. So it still happens openly in politics and behind closed doors. Are we ever going to win or change, as a society? Most industries are dominated by men as leaders, except in nursing and teaching, for some strange reason? I find there are also many more male playwrights and directors, why is that? Oh well, I will keep on doing what I do and challenge anyone on the notion, that women are just as creative and able. At least in the 21st century, we have freedom of speech in the western world, right?


  1. thechildhoodhero

    Hi There.
    I am a young American man who was raised by a single mother; back in 2008 I passionately supported Hilary Clinton and was absolutely dismayed at the blatant sexism among members of her own party, her opponents, and supposed open thinkers in the free press who espoused liberty, equality and equal opportunity but did a collective hit job on a woman that hoped to lead…
    America is a culture of extremes, and thus we teach women to be competitive, masculine and aggressive and then ridicule them when they are old, lonely and celibate (a la the cougar fetish in the media), or we expect them to be the opposite extreme–a beach model with the submissiveness of a mail order bride… Not a whole lot of moderation, here.

  2. Nichol

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