love and ecstasy

Ecstasy by Irvine Welsh. Always rated ‘Trainspotting’, so was keen to see his latest film. There is a recurrent theme in his work, all about drug taking and the outcomes. And so much more. ‘Ecstasy’ explores the parallels between the superficial love feeling (using drugs) and the intrinsic love sensation. Real love wins in this film, in a profound way:) One of my favourite pieces of dialogue is “I am trying to connect to you.” Yeah. Relationships are high maintenance in the real light of day, nothing to mask the truth or your identity, just you. The fear of not being interesting or exciting anymore, without the assistance of something else.
My next play is about love. Another favourite is “Boredom and indifference kills you.” Irvine Welsh is a fantastic writer who resonates truth. Love is worth it, even if it was just a glimpse. Watch it.

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